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Universal Helmet Laws and their Effects

Universal Helmet Laws and their EffectsWhile some people may argue that universal helmet laws infringe on individual rights to choose to wear a helmet or not while riding a motorcycle, these laws are necessary to save lives, as well as taxpayer dollars.

Universal helmet laws require all drivers and passengers of motorcycles to wear a helmet. Full helmets are the best options, offering greater protection to the face, jaw, and head. A face shield is beneficial to protect the eyes and face from road debris and dust that may lead to an accident.

Just like seat belt laws and cell phone laws, universal helmet laws are put in place to save lives. These laws are extremely effective in that regard, saving nearly 10 times more lives than in areas where there are no such laws in place. While partial helmet laws are a good start, requiring riders and passengers below designated ages to wear a helmet, this is only about three times more effective than in areas where there are no helmet laws.

While head injuries often result in death, a person may actually survive with permanent disfiguration or disability that may require taxpayer financial assistance for a lifetime through various medical treatments, and even for different types of financial assistance for daily living.

For questions about helmet laws in your state, or if you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident with or without the use of a helmet, stop in and see our motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles.

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