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Traffic Safety Facts for Motorcycles

Traffic Safety Facts for MotorcyclesIn order to reduce the risk of injury and death to those who ride motorcycles, there are safety regulations in place for both the motorcycle riders and the drivers of other vehicles when sharing the road with motorcycle riders. These regulations are in place for the safety of all of those who share the road.

Injury and death rates for motorcycle riders increase every year. This is in part due to the fact that there are more people who ride motorcycles out on the road than ever before. Motorcycles are also used more often to travel longer distances. More motorcyclists means greater chance of an accident.

Most motorcycle accidents involve a motorcycle and another type of motor vehicle, such as a car. In the majority of these cases, it is the other driver who is at fault, generally because they did not see the motorcycle. When considering miles traveled, motorcycle riders are 37 times more likely to die due to an accident than those involved in collisions in other types of motor vehicles.

Not all motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers of other vehicles. About 25 percent of motorcycle fatalities occurred from collision with a fixed object. 35% percent of fatal motorcycle collisions involved speeding and 30 percent had high blood alcohol levels. 25 percent of victims had invalid licenses.

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