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Statistics Regarding Motorcycle Safety

Statistics Regarding Motorcycle SafetyMotorcycles are becoming an increasingly popular form of transportation, but accidents are also becoming more common. In fact, deadly accidents have more than doubled over the last decade. Understanding the statistics can help you make better choices about your riding habits.

The average motorcyclist today is more affluent than previous generations, and the age of riders is also increasing. In the past, young people were at the highest risk of dying in a motorcycle accident, but today, people over 40 are also at an increased risk. In fact, half of all fatal motorcycle accidents included older riders. Women are less likely to be involved in fatal motorcycle crashes, but female passengers continue to be at a significantly higher risk. Nearly nine out of 10 passengers who died in crashes were females.

About half of all drivers and passengers who die in motorcycle crashes failed to wear a helmet, which has been demonstrated to dramatically reduce the risk. Rural roads are common accident sites, and riding becomes even more dangerous when alcohol is involved. Most fatal accidents involve sports motorcycles that are designed to combine speed and agility.

Accidents are not always avoidable, but you can take steps to increase your safety. Never drive after drinking, and always wear a DOT-approved helmet and riding gear that is designed to protect your extremities. Follow the rules of the road, and be extra cautious on rural roads and slippery surfaces. Contact our Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

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