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Protection Gear for Motorcycle Riders

Protection Gear for Motorcycle RidersWhen riding a motorcycle, it is important to wear protective gear. These items can help reduce the risk of some injuries if an accident occurs. Protective gear includes a helmet, gear that protects your face, eyes, and ears, as well as protective clothing.

A helmet may be the single most important piece of safety equipment worn by any motorcycle rider. Your helmet should be in good condition, with no obvious defects such as cracks or loose padding. Be sure the helmet fits snugly and keep it securely attached while riding. Choose a helmet that is DOT approved for maximum protection.

While a face shield offers the most protection, safety goggles that attach securely can work instead. Choose face and eye protection that is puncture resistant, has no scratches, and allows you a clear view to the front and both sides. Be sure your gear fastens securely and resists fogging.

Other protective gear includes long sleeves and pants, gloves that cover the fingers and boots that cover the ankles. Choose thick or padded gear, such as leather, for better coverage and protection.

While protective gear can reduce the risk of certain types of injuries when accidents occur, there is always the risk for serious injury in any accident. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you know your rights regarding compensation for your injuries. Call our motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles for a consultation regarding your individual situation.


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