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Motorcycle Riders and Their Responsibilities

Motorcycle Riders and Their ResponsibilitiesRiding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable experience, whether riding for transportation, for leisure, or for both. However, when riding a motorcycle, it is important to not only follow important safety guidelines, but to maintain the appropriate responsibilities that come with the privilege of riding a motorcycle on the road with other vehicles.

When riding your motorcycle on the roadways, you cannot be certain that others will yield the appropriate rights of way or even see you riding in order to avoid a collision. It is important to make yourself more visible when out on the road. Turning on your headlight and wearing brightly visible clothing help others to more readily see you in traffic. Use appropriate signals to let others know your intentions. Give yourself and other drivers enough space to maintain safety and to increase visibility. Space also gives you more room to maneuver to prevent a potential accident. Always be prepared and remain alert.

Maintain adequate safety gear. A DOT approved helmet can offer some protection in the case of an accident. Gloves, padded clothing, and other protective gear can also reduce your risk of injury should an accident occur.

Even the safest riders may become victim of unforeseen circumstances. If you have been injured or suffered a loss in an accident, contact our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney to find out if you are entitled to receive compensation. Our qualified and experienced professionals are here to help you with your case.

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