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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle AccidentsMotorcycles are a popular, exciting and efficient mode of transportation. The thrill of the open road combined with the flexibility of the vehicle itself makes the motorcycle a popular choice among young and older riders alike. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are common, and thousands of riders are injured, disabled or are killed annually in motorcycle accidents. There are many factors behind accidents involving motorcycles, including other motor vehicles.

Most motorcyclists take every precaution to help guarantee their safety on the open road. The majority of states have strict regulations requiring special licensing and personal protective gear, such as helmets. Despite these precautions, motorcyclists are still some of the most vulnerable drivers on highways and public roads. The rider is almost entirely exposed, and even seemingly minor motorcycle accidents can result in devastating tragedies.

Motorcyclists must have excellent reflexes and always be mindful of possible hazards and obstacles. A pothole or road debris can mean the difference between a pleasant ride and tragedy. Though these road hazards can certainly cause motorcycle accidents, many more are caused by negligent or careless motorists, such as car or truck drivers.

Despite taking the most careful precautions motorcyclist can fall victim to the careless driving of other motorists. Drivers of automobiles may cut off a motorcyclist, tailgate, stop short or even hit a motorcyclist, all of which can result in the personal injury or death of the motorcyclist. Neglected roads, faulty mechanical parts and many other unexpected hazards may also result in tragedy for the vulnerable motorcyclist.

Avoiding motorcycle accidents through careful vehicle maintenance, consistent use of protective gear, careful awareness and thorough knowledge of road rules cannot always guarantee safety. Accidents happen unexpectedly, and it is simply impossible to prepare for every eventuality. Contacting an experienced motorcycle accident attorney immediately after an accident can help ensure your rights are protected. If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed in a motorcycle accident, call us today and schedule your free consultation.

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