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Crash Rate Data for Motorcycles in California

Crash Rate Data for Motorcycles in CaliforniaWhile riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable experience, there is a risk of serious accident and injury. Even if you follow all of the safety guidelines and wear full protective gear, there is a risk you could experience an accident that could result in a serious injury or death.

More than 4,600 motorcycle riders die each year in the United States as a result of traffic accidents. California is among the top three states in the nation in regard to number of motorcycle related fatalities, with more than 400 every year. Men are disproportionately the victims of these accidents, with males accounting for 90 percent of the motorcycle accident fatalities.

Approximately 60 percent of all motorcycle-related accidents are caused by some fault of the motorcyclist. The top three factors involved in more than half of these serious collisions include the motorcycle rider traveling at an unsafe speed, the motorcycle rider making some type of an improper turn, or the rider operating the motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Nearly half of all motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle, such as a car or a light truck. About 25 percent of motorcycle fatalities involved the motorcycle colliding with a fixed object over a moving one.

If you or a loved one has been injured or experienced a loss due to a motorcycle accident, a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer can help you to receive any compensation to which you are entitled.

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